"The Kapiti Women's Centre provides a unique and important service to our community."

1 – Getting a counselling appointment

To organise a counselling appointment you will first need to read the information booklet on the service. The booklet is available from the Kapiti Women’s Centre. This booklet outlines how counselling at KWC works, what is required of you, what you can expect from us and profiles the counsellors.

Once you have read the booklet you will be asked to come into the Centre to register for the service by;

  • Completing a counselling service agreement. This will be signed by yourself and the Coordinator of KWC. You will be given a copy.
  • Once you have completed a service agreement your name goes on a waiting list.
  • The service is highly sought after and there is usually some delay before you are able to see a counsellor. The duty Centre Worker will be able to give you some idea of when you are likely to have an appointment.
  • When your chosen counsellor has an available appointment, she will contact you to make a time to see you.
Posted: July 5, 2011
Categories: Counselling