"The Kapiti Women's Centre gave me back my confidence - it's as simple as that."

Progress of KWC Building Extension

Week 1: Work on the foundations

Week 2: The piles go in

Week 3: Rejoicing at the new floor!

Week 4: WALLS!

Week 5: Our new space is really

taking shape


 Week 6: Makings of the roof

and verandah


Week 7: the building is being wrapped and the

roof is going on


Week 8: Roof and cladding in place, and

it’s only Monday!


Weeks 9 & 10: Progress on the Interior



 Weeks 11 & 12: While we are closed, the refit of the existing building begins!




Week 13: The Centre re-opens for Term 2



Term 2

In the first half of Term 2, we moved into our new room! It’s still waiting for some finishing touches but we are already enjoying the extra space, the beautiful light, and the warmth from our new heat pump.





Posted: February 24, 2012
Categories: Building Extension