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Reiki and Healing

Clara is a Reiki Master and healer. She is offering Healing Sessions every Friday at 12.30pm  or 1.45pm at the Kapiti Women’s Centre. Sessions are an hour long, and cost $10, which Clara kindly donates to KWC. Please contact the centre (902 6222) to make an appointment.

Clara has listed the following benefits of healing sessions:

  • Creates flexibilty in all bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Improves the immune system and balances glands and organs
  • Benefits emotional and mental pain and helps self-esteem
  • Helps release addictions and enhances clarity of path
  • Relieves leg and ankle pain and helps feet and toenails
  • Soothes tight muscles and eases chronic pain
  • Comforts lower back and sacral pain
  • Treats kidney and blood disorders
  • Relieves allergies and headaches
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Treats heart and breast diseases
  • Eases or balances hormonal disorders
  • Heals hip disorders
  • Alleviates nausea
  • Helps insomnia
  • Regulates diabetes
  • Prevents asthma
  • Aids digestion
  • Balances chakras which initiates decision making and forming morals and values.


Posted: February 21, 2012
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