"The Kapiti Women's Centre provides a unique and important service to our community."


KWC is committed to providing a free, safe, confidential service which abides by the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of the National Association of Counsellors (NZAC). The team of dedicated volunteer counsellors are able to offer you around eight counselling sessions. A detailed information booklet on this free service is available from the Kapiti Womens Centre.

KWC would like to acknowledge the generous support for the counselling programme from Family & Community Services and the Box Trust.

1 – Getting a counselling appointment

To organise a counselling appointment you will first need to read the information booklet on the service. The booklet is available from the Kapiti Women’s Centre. This booklet outlines how counselling at KWC works, what is required of you, what you can expect from us and profiles the counsellors. (more…)

2 – Your first counselling session

KWC has very limited staff and is unable to gather information prior to you beginning counselling. So during your first session, the Counsellor will be gathering information, explaining the requirements of the KWC counselling service, telling you a little about themselves and their experience. (more…)