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Meet Our Course Tutors

We have a wonderfully talented team of tutors at Kapiti Women’s Centre. Here is a little more about them.

Tutors for Term 4 2014


Berylla Jones (Shibori Fabric Dying & Weed Walk: How to fall in love with your weeds)


Berylla Jones

I have been sewing all my life, quilting and dyeing fabrics for the last thirty years. I have exhibited nationally and internationally and taught at national quilt symposiums. I love colour and the way the dye is so unpredictable fascinates me. Shibori can give pretty predictable results, but there are always surprises. I love this ancient Japanese craft.
I have also had a strong connection to the earth and loved gardening and plants all my life. In the early nineties I began making and selling herbal tinctures and ointments. I have taught herb classes, been a member of the Nelson Herb Society and on the National Herb Federation committee. Over this time I have developed strong connections with the weeds that grow so abundantly and which have so many healing qualities. They have been used for thousands of years to successfully help us stay healthy.



Jan Nisbet (Cycle into Summer)


If your bike is sitting in the garage, gathering dust and mocking you every time you pass it, or if you are nervous and lacking confidence on your bike, then Jan is the person for you. . As an instructor, she has the ability to combine fun with safety and practical skills. With her obvious love of cycling, she takes immense pleasure in seeing other people become confident and enjoy their riding. With her wicked sense of humour, support, encouragement and her never ending belief that you can do it, Jan will have you “on yer bike” feeling more confident in no time.




Rachel Fabish (Kitchen Cupboard Cosmetics)


I love cooking and making beautiful things. I started making my own skin and hair care a few years ago, partly just to see if I could. It was kind of a shock how easy it was to care for my body in this way without having to buy a lot of stuff. Now I like to teach people about it when I can.





Rachel Morgan (Singing for Beginners)


Hello, my name is Rachel Morgan and music has always been an important part of my life. I find that songs and instrumental music lift my spirits and often give form to what I’m feeling. I also love expressing myself through the songs that I sing, the violin music that I play and the creation of playful and supportive learning environments where people can connect with each other and their creative selves.




Sally Forman (Fearless Speaking)

Sally blue background

Sally Forman is a psychotherapist, certified coach and Speaking Circles® Facilitator with over 20 years experience. She creates relationships that support healing growth, life fulfilling change, authentic communication and transformation. http://www.authenticharmony.co.nz/





Zuri Bradbury (Yogilates)


Zuri has over 20 years of teaching experience with formal qualification in Exercise to Music RSA, Step, Swiss Ball, Pathway to Yoga, Zumba, NYC Pilates & more. A passion for health & fitness she has the energy to motivate and inspire all who join her on the journey to well-being. www.zhealthstudio.co.nz

Coming soon…

Abby Wendy (Painting Self)

Joelle Mills (Creative Carving)

Gail Lewis (Mosaics)